Mr.T.V.Ramachandran, experienced for about 22 years in Indian Mobile Telecommunications, is President of the Broadband India Forum and Chairman of the Telecoms Council of the European Business Group, India. 

He was the 1st CEO of one of the earliest cellular ventures in India - Sterling Cellular Ltd (Essar Cellphone), Delhi  and led the establishment and successful launch of the largest Indian cellular network of that time. Sterling Cellular was incidentally the original predecessor of what is today Vodafone Delhi. 

TV was the Founder-Chairman of the India Interest Group of GSM MoU Association from 1995 to 1998 and has been closely involved with GSM and ITU activities all through the years.

 TV was the 1st Director General of the Cellular Operators' Association of India (COAI) and established and led it to the position of being one of the most credible and vibrant professional bodies that became accepted as the effective voice of the Indian mobile industry. During his long 12 year stint with COAI, TV passionately championed the cause of the industry in many areas and played a key role in the achievement of many significant successes for the sector. Was Resident Director, Regulatory Affairs & Govt. Relations, Vodafone India for over 5 years from Oct.2009 and is credited with the setting-up of one of the best regulatory teams in the industry.

Was Chairman of the Assocham National Telecoms Council for 5 years till Dec.2015. Since Jan 2015, TV has set up his own Consultancy firm and advises several firms as well as industry bodies.

TV has a Master's in Physics (specialisation in Wireless& Electronics) with distinction and University rank, from Madras University and is Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Engg & Technology (IET)  London, for his contributions to Mobile Telephony. One of only 3 Indians to be conferred this prestigious Award in the over 100 years of existence of this institution. Is Member of IET’s Global Advisory Panel for IoT(Internet of Things).

He is also Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (India).

In March, 2015, at the Telecom Leadership Forum in Delhi, TV was conferred the Voice & Data Lifetime Contribution Award."