It gives me great joy to share the proceedings of 33rd AOE meet of 18th April 2015 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi as under:

  • Chaired by: Veer Sagar, Chairman
  • Attended by 16 members (out of 24)
  • Attended by 8 guests
  • Speaker: Mr. Hardeep Sachdeva, Sr. Partner, AZB & Partners
  • Company Presentation & case study: Mr. Anoop Handa
  1. The 33rd meet of AOE and the 18th meet of AOE (Regd.) was a very good meeting of like minded people, wonderful speaker, guests and lots of sharing & learning. 
  1. Our Speaker Mr. Hardeep Sachdeva, Sr. Partner, AZB & Partners (, gave an interesting presentation on changing trends in Inward Foreign Investments, especially in reference to SMEs. I would request Dixit to please convey to him our sincere thanks.  

A short note on Mr. Hardeep Sachdeva is being attached for ready reference.

  1. Internal Presentation by Mr. Anoop Handa, Managing Director & CEO of Anlight Consulting Services on Anlight offerings, Key technology trends and HR automation. Anoop gave us insight into the very interesting business activities he indulges in, making us feel proud of the quality of members that are there with us in AOE !! 

Anoop's leadership profile is being attached for ready reference.

  1. Couple of photographs from the meeting are being sent as attachment to this mail.
  1. Available details of Guests & their contact details are :
  2. Suhaan Boxwala - 98734 34589,  (invited by Pradeep)
  3. Samir Pathak - 99115 37333, (invited by Shishir)

iii. Sandeep Arora - 98992 33922, (invited by Shishir)

  1. Waseem Mahajan - 98100 05431, (invited by Shishir)
  2. Sunita Biddu - 85271 30934, (invited by Veer)
  3. Avijit Mukherjee - 95605 55328, (invited by Veer)

vii. Neha - 98731 52436, (invited by Veer)

viii. Rajat Gupta - 98110 38838 (invited by Abhinav)

On behalf of AOE, I would send thanks mail to them individually. 

  1. Navin, Sebastian, Rajeshwar, Raaj, Uday, Bhrigav, Gen. Bagga, Sanjoy, we missed you and you missed a great meeting..
  1. As always, we thank Varun for ensuring nice place and nice arrangement for the AOE meet. 
  1. The schedule for May 2015 will be as under:
  2. AOE Social: Sunday 3rd May 2015 (Await further details from our Abhinav Sood, Secretary, AOE)
  3. AOE meet - Saturday  2015