Mr.Sunny firmly believes that mobile is that inflection point which will drive the future with more consumption of technology while a robust and scalable cloud service fuelling this change. India became the very first country to observe the internet usage on mobile exceed internet usage on computers thereby making it very well placed to spearhead this shift in the time to come. For the last 6 years, he has been instrumental in the areas of Cloud Computing and Mobile. He foresees the future that is driven by technology, primarily mobile and cloud.

In past 4 years, he has been working rigorously to accelerate this technological revolution through his company, Foetron. Foetron has been awarded Enterprise Mobile Champs by DQChannels, Cloud Champions by IDG and has been the Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year (N&E). His aim is to build Foetron as the world’s most sought after Cloud and Mobile Technology centre for excellence.

Additionally, he is a die-hard cricket fan and will promptly share tips he received from legendary cricketer Steve Waugh. 

Academics: Sunny Sharma has completed Business Strategy Course from INSEAD, Singapore and Bachelors in Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. Further, he has studied Intellectual Property Rights at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. During his academic years, he worked on statistical machine translation with the leading researchers from the field of Natural Language Processing at IIIT, Hyderabad. He has also spent some time studying operating system security models at National Institute of Informatics, India.

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Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year (N&E) – 2014 
IDG Cloud Champions and Ingenious 100 – 2014