• Chaired by:                          AoEan Veer Sagar, Chairman
  • Member Attendees:           16 members (out of 36)
  • Guest Attendees:               8guests
  • Guest Speaker:                   Mr. Prasanth Aggarwal, PWC
  • Company Presentation:  AoEan Vikas Rajput

Minutes of Meeting

  1. The 43rd meet of AoE (Regd) –Great AoE Talks. Wonderful learning & knowledge sharing !
  2. Guest SpeakerMr. Prasanth Aggarwal from PWC gave a great presentation on ‘Introduction to GST’ , such a relevant topic for entrepreneurs. Lot of learning for us Entrepreneurs at AoE.

Thanks you Chairman Veer Sagar, for getting such wonderful spearkers for AoE Talks.

On behalf of AoE, Veer has already thanked Mr. Prasanth.

  1. Internal presentation by AoEan Vikas Rajput from E-Tech Services Pvt ltd. about the great work he is doing in the field of pharmaceutical industry & the development sector including such reputed organisations like USAID, Bill & Melinda Gates Foudnation, Clinton Health Access Initiative, & various Govt Orgnatisaions.

Proud to have you with us at AoE !

  1. New Member Inductions: Mr. Manu Sardana, Contact details: / 9811201104 
  1. Available details of Guests & their contact details are :


Guest Name


Invited by


Mandeep Vasu 9810060025

Vikas Rajput


Rashik Kathuria 9810047665

Vikas Rajput


Santosh Kumar Jha 9899746440

Vikas Rajput


Anuj Kumar Singh 882602112




Raju Ray 882691118



Wilson Chacko 9599598451



Asheesh Mehrotra 9212105566



Harpreet Mutneja



 On behalf of AoE, I have sent thanks mail to them. 

6.AoEans Abhinav Sood,PV Sebastian,Varun Madhok, Raaj Muttreja, Uday Marwaah, Vikas Goel, Neeraj Chauhan, Dixit Gandhi, Anoop Handa, Gen Bagga,Kshitij Bansal, Sanjoy Sehgal, Siddhant Garg, Suhaan Boxwala, Charlie Kolady, Dr. Ajay Aggawal, Sunny Sharma, Veerendra Malik, Prabhat Krishna, Rakesh Yadav we missed you and you missed a truly great meeting. 

7.The schedule for June2017 will be as under:

  1. AiE Meeting - Saturday 17th June 2017
  2. AoE Social – Saturday 2nd June or Sunday 3rd June – Secretary Abhinav Sood to advise details.

Thanks, have a great day and best regards

Shishir Chaturvedi

General Secretary, AOE

  • May 31, 2017
  • Association Entrepreneurs