• Chaired by:  AoEan Veer Sagar
  • Guest Speaker:                   Mr. Pradeep Kumar
  • Internal Speaker:               AoEan Neeraj Chauhan

           Member Attendees:

  1. Veer Sagar (Chairman)
  2. Navin Sardana (Vice Chairman)
  3. Naresh Vij (Treasurer)
  4. Shishir Chaturvedi (Gen. Secretary)
  5. Abhinav Sood (Secretary)
  6. Charlie Kolady
  7. Neeraj Bhargava
  8. Uday Marwah
  9. Ajay Amar
  10. Kshitij Bansal
  11. Vikas Rajput
  12. Abhijit Roy
  13. Abhinit Seth
  14. Raaj Muttreja
  15. Neeraj Chauhan
  16. Pradeep Anand
  17. Achal Kumar
  18. Ajay Agarwal
  19. Bhrigav Jain
  • Guest Attendees:   NIL

Minutes of Meeting

  1. The AoE talks of the 18th August was chaired by our Chairman, Mr Veer Sagar. As usual it was a wonderful evening of sharing and learning with some wonderful presentations. An innovation was introduced by Chairman Veer Sagar wherein each member apart from introducing himself will also narrate at least one learning that he has had from either AoE or his life
  2. Guest Speaker: Mr. Pradeep Kumar (CEO – Coach and Mentor) spoke on “Entrepreneurs Life Simplified”. He strongly advocated the use and application of “Theory of Constraints” for success in life and business. Theory of Constraints is a philosophy of Management and continuous Improvement. Originally developed by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt it talks of every complex system having at least one constraint (bottleneck) and it’s the constraint that determines the ability of the system to be successful. He took us through a fascinating journey he has had by understanding, implementing and subsequently guiding others on the principles of “ToC”. He gave various examples of companies that follow these principles and how they have benefited by it. He also referred to various books like ‘The Goal’ which is a must read for anyone interested in ToC.
  1. Internal Speaker: Mr. Neeraj Chauhan was the internal speaker for the day.  Neeraj needs no introduction. He is a Financial Planner and Founder of ‘Financial Mall ‘. He emphasized on the importance of financial planning and how it has to start at a very young age. He gave various examples as how his company has helped numerous families to achieve their financial goals.He provided various case studies from his life some of which were very challenging but at the same time very satisfying professionally. It was a fascinating presentation by one who is amongst the best in the business. We are proud to have you in our group,Neeraj.
  2. New Member Inductions: None.
  3. Shri Veer Sagar, Returning officer for election & selection of next managing committee informed the meet about the nominations he has received for the various positions of office bearers. He will anounce the result in next AoE Meet.
  4. The next AoE meet will be on Saturday 15h September 2018
  5. Thanks to attending AoEans for making their contribution in the success of this meet by being present.
  6. Thanks to AoEan Abhineet & Achal for organising such a wonderful AoE social earlier in August at India Habitat Centre.
  7. Thank to AoEan Charlie Kolady for help in preparing this note
Shishir Chaturvedi
General Secretary


  • August 29, 2018
  • Association Entrepreneurs