Minutes of Meeting

  1. The 48th meet of AoE (Regd) – Absolutely wondeful meet, like always. Wonderful learning & knowledge sharing !
  2. Guest Speaker: We were privileged to have Mr Nikhil Nehru as our Guest Speaker. Most appropriately Mr Nehru chose to speak about the trials and tribulations of an SME, a subject very close to the heart of all AOE ans. He identified - Ineffective leadership, lack of a plan and poor execution of plan as the main areas to be worked upon. He stressed on the need for the leadership of these organisations to carry their team with them apart from focussing on the Emotional Quotient i.e empathizing with the emotions of others, to achieve success. A truly thought provoking approach to success.
  3. Internal Speaker: Our Treasurer, Mr Naresh Vig was the internal speaker for the day. All of us are fully aware of the need for preparation for an important meeting with a client especially if it is a first meeting. How many of us focus on the first impression created on the client before a word is spoken. Naresh’s talk was on this aspect – the need to be appropriately dressed to create a favourable first impression. It provided a list of DOs and DONTs both for men and women getting dressed up for this first meeting. One must say it was an eye opener for most of us, who tend to ignore this important aspect.  A lecture which would have wowed even a Switzerland Finishing School professor!
  4. New Member Inductions: None 
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  1. AoE annual day being scheduled for 1st Week December 2017
  2. The schedule for November 2017 will be : AoE Talks - Saturday 18th November 2017

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  • November 08, 2017
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