Hello Fellow Members of AOE,

It gives me great joy to share the proceedings of 41st AOE meet of 19th December 2015 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi as under:

  • Chaired by: AOEan Veer Sagar, Chairman
  • Attended by 20 members (out of 30)
  • Attended by 6 guests
  • Speaker: Mr. Tanmoy Chakrabarty, Vice President - Govt Industry Solutions, TCS
  • Company Presentation & case study: AOEan Suhaan Boxwala
  1. The 41st meet of AOE and the 26th meet of AOE (Regd.) was, a absolutely wonderful meeting of like minded people, very engaging speaker, nice guest and lots of sharing & learning. 
  1. Our Speaker Mr. Tanmoy Chakrabarty, Vice President - Govt Industry Solutions, TCS, was so impressive, passionate and positive about the possibilities with Digital India initiatives and the changes it would bring in the life of Indians and the opportunities that would exist for SMEs. Great knowledge sharing. Wish we had more time & his session was a little longer.

AOEan Veer, please thank him on behalf of AOE.

Mr. Tanmoy Charabarty’s profile on linkedin: [ HERE  ] 

  1. Internal Presentation by AOEan Suhaan Boxwala, director ‘myREF’, a unique platform for employee referral : Such a soft spoken, yet impressive AOEan !! Great presentation, great business initiatives Suhaan shared and sought suggestions from those present. Members, guests & guest speaker participated in the interactive session and came up with some wonderful suggestions. Suhaan, do acknowledge when you use any of these suggestions to your advantage. Proud to have you with us 

AOEan Suhaan Boxwala’s profile on linkedin: [HERE

  1. New Member Inductions: Mr. Sunny Sharma & Mr. Veerendra Malik ….Welcome AOEan Sunny, AOEan Veerendra
  1. Available details of Guests & their contact details are :
  2. Mr. Prabhat Krishna - prabhat.krishna@credentialsindia.com98112 20971 (invited by AOEan Ajay Amar)
  3. Ms. Sonam Chadha - sonam.chadha@gmail.com(invited by AOEan Dixit Gandhi)

iii. Ms. Aarushi Singh - arusin@microsoft.com (invited by AOEan Sunny Sharma)

  1. Ms. Reena Ashok - r@reenashok.com98919 68689 (invited by AOEan Veer Sagar)
  2. Mr. Sunil Sharma - ssny2000@gmail.com97177 19898 (invited by AOEan Shishir Chaturvedi)
  3. Mr. Arjun Pandey - arjunpandey@gmail.com98110 66600 (invited by AOEan Raaj Muttreja)

 On behalf of AOE, I would send thanks mail to them. 

  1. AOEan Navin, AOEan Naresh, AOEan Sebi, AOEan Baljit, AOEan Vikas, AOEan Neeraj, AOEan Anoop, AOEan Gen Bagga, AOEan Sanjoy, AOEan Abhineet we missed you and you missed a great meeting.
  1. As always, we thank AOEan Varun for ensuring nice place and nice arrangement for the AOE meet. 
  1. The schedule for January 2016 will be as under:
  2. AOE meet - Saturday 16th January 2016


Thanks, have a great day and best regards

Shishir Chaturvedi

General Secretary, AOE

  • December 23, 2015
  • Association Entrepreneurs