Hello Fellow Members of AOE,

It gives me great joy to share the proceedings of 39th AOE meet of 17th October 2015 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi as under:

  • Chaired by: Veer Sagar, Chairman
  • Attended by 14 members (out of 27)
  • Attended by 8 guests
  • Speaker: Mr. Radhika Shapoorjee, President of Hill+ Knowlton Strategies, India & South Asia on ‘Building Reputation in a Connected World'
  • Company Presentation & case study: Mr. Kshitij Bansal
  1. The 39th meet of AOE and the 24th meet of AOE (Regd.) was, a brilliant meeting of like minded people, wonderful speaker, nice guests and lots of sharing & learning. 
  1. Our Speaker Ms. Radhika Shapoorjee (President of Hill+ Knowlton Strategies, India & South Asia, radhika.shapoorjee@hkstrategies.comradhika@shapoorjee.com ; 98736 03549) shared wonderful thoughts on the nuances & importance of 'Building Reputation in a Connected World’. so very relevant in today’s times in all endeavors. Very interesting & interactive session. Some of our members shared later that we should have let her continue maybe another 30 minutes.  Veer, I request you to kindly thank Radhika on behalf of AOE.

Radhika’s profile is being attached with this mail for reference.

Thanks to Veer again, for getting such nice speakers for AOE. 

  1. Internal Presentation by one of the younger members of AOE, Kshitij Bansal. 

Kshitij, a third generation entrepreneur in the business of timber & plywood, gave us insights into the latest trends in his business. Kudos to his enthusiasm and passion. Whenever next,  any of us needs anything in plywood & timber, we know whom to get in touch with

Copy of Kshitij’s profile being attached with this mail for ready reference.

  1. New Member Induction: Mr. Charlie Kolady was inducted in AOE as its 27th member. Welcome Charlie.

Copy of Charlie's profile is being attached with this mail. 

  1. Some photographs from the meeting are being sent as attachment to this mail.
  1. Available details of Guests & their contact details are :
  2. Mr. Rajeev Verma - the.rajeev@yahoo.com98100 66676 (invited by Veer)
  3. Mr. Sunny Sharma - sunny@foetron.com98101 41797 (invited by Kshitij)

iii. Mr. Ajit Mehta - ajeetmehta@eliteenterprises.co  98118 00012 (invited by Kshitij)

  1. Mr. Ajay Aggarwal - ajay.aggarwal@saketcityhospital.com98101 16352 (invited by Ajay)
  2. Mr. Bhuvnesh Sehgal - bhuvnesh@abcolawoffices.com98101 49006 (invited by Naveen)
  3. Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary - water@groupsnp.comchaudhrysandeep62@gmail.com98100 96552 (invited by Abhinav)

vii. Mr. Veerendra Malik - info@sumipublications.com veerendraprinters@gmail.com 98100 47710 (invited by Rajeev)

viii. Mehernosh Shapoorjee - mehernosh@shapoorjee.com (invited by the speaker Radhika Shapoorjee)

 On behalf of AOE, I would send thanks mail to them individually. 

  1. Sebi, Rajeev, Baljit, Uday, Vikas, Rajeshwar, Neeraj, Bhrigav, Achal, Anoop, Gen. Bagga, Sanjoy, Suhaan, we missed you and you missed a great meeting.


  1. As always, we thank Varun for ensuring nice place and nice arrangement for the AOE meet. 
  1. The schedule for November 2015 will be as under:
  • AOE meet - Saturday 21 November  2015
  • AOE social for the 4th quarter is due. Expect announcement soon !!
Thanks, have a great day and best regards
Shishir Chaturvedi

General Secretary, AOE

  • October 21, 2015
  • Association Entrepreneurs