It gives me great joy to share the proceedings of 48th AOE meet of 16th July 2016 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi as under:

  • Chaired by: AOEan Veer Sagar, Chairman
  • Attended by 16 members (out of 32)
  • Attended by 3 guests
  • Speaker: Mr. Vijay Gupta, Chartered Accountant
  1. The 48th meet of AOE and the 33rd meet of AOE (Regd.) - Another very nice AOE meet  of like minded people, wonderful knowledge-sharing by speaker, guests and lots of sharing & learning. 
  1. Our External Speaker Mr. Vijay Gupta, CA, shared very good updated information on Foreign Exchange Management Act of Govt of India, so very important to all of us, especially in today’s times when international transactions are taking place with much greater frequency. Mr. Gupta appeared to be very well conversant with all the connected laws and the functioning of RBI & therefore,  post his presentation, we had a very good & productive question-answer session. He was also very kind to have shared relevant part of his presentation with all of us through AOean Baljit.

AOEan Veer / AOEan Baljit, please thank Mr. Vijay Gupta on behalf of AOE. 

  1. Internal Presentation - In view of the AGM conducted from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm, there was no internal presentation this time.
  1. New Member Inductions: None 
  1. Available details of Guests & their contact details are :
  2. Mr. Gianluca Bin - +39 3287 259 284 (invited by Varun)
  3. Ms. Angela Turri - (invited by Varun)

iii. Mr. Vijay Tiwari - +91.7834936611 / (invited by Varun)

 On behalf of AOE, I would like to send thanks mail to them. 

  1. AOEans Sebastian, Varun, Vikas, Rajeshwar, Neeraj, Bhrigav, Dixit, Anoop, Gen. Bagga, Kshitij, Sanjoy, Suhaan, Charlie, Sunny, Veerendra, Arjun, we missed you and you missed a great meeting.
  1. The schedule for August 2016 will be as under:
  1. AOE Meeting - Saturday 20th August 2016

Thanks, have a great day and best regards

Shishir Chaturvedi

General Secretary, AOE

  • July 29, 2016
  • Association Entrepreneurs