• Chaired by:                          AOEan Veer Sagar, Chairman
  • Member Attendees:             17 members (out of 32)
  • Guest Attendees:                 5 guests
  • Speaker:                              Mr. Devender Singh, Addl Secretary, Lok Sabha
  • Company Presentation:      Mr. Ajay Agarwal, Group Medical Director, Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd.

    Minutes of Meeting

    1. The 47th meet of AOE and the 32nd meet of AOE (Regd.) - Once again, a lovely meeting of likeminded people, wonderful presentations by speakers, guests and lots of sharing & learning. 
    1. Our External Speaker Mr. Devender Singh had such wonderful knowledge on various subjects related to MSME & was also taking feedback from AOEans, with a smile, which he promised to take to Parliamentary Committee levels  👏

    AOEan Veer, please thank Mr. Devender singh on behalf of AOE.  

    1. Internal Presentation by Dr. Ajay Aggarwal on “landscape of Indian Healthcare Market’ & his wonderful & intriguing journey - intrapreneur to Entrepreneur’. Such a wonderful presentation and so much knowledge sharing. Proud to have you with us at AOE, Dr. Ajay 👏
    1. New Member Inductions: None - Trust we are going to have some inductions in the next AOE meet :-)
    1. Available details of Guests & their contact details are :


    Guest Name



    Invited by







    Ms. Reema Khurana

    987171 44661

    Raaj Mutreja


    Dr. Vijay Kansal

    98100 55655



    Kautuk Munjal 




    Shreyans Jain

    98994 67087



    Vibhu Pal Chadha




     On behalf of AOE, I would like to send thanks mail to them. 

    1. AOEans Sebastian, Vikas, Rajeshwar, Neeraj, Ajay, Dixit, Anoop, Pradeep, Gen. Bagga, Kshitij, Sanjoy, Suhaan, Charlie, Prabhat, Arjun, we missed you and you missed a great meeting.
    1. The schedule for July 2016 will be as under:
    • AOE Meeting - Saturday 16th July 2016.

    Thanks, have a great day and best regards

    Shishir Chaturvedi

    General Secretary, AOE

    • July 04, 2016
    • Association Entrepreneurs