Hello AOE Core Team,

It gives me great joy to share the proceedings of 46th AOE meet of 16th April 2016 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi as under:

  • Chaired by: AOEan Veer Sagar, Chairman
  • Attended by 19 members (out of 32)
  • Attended by 6 guests
  • Speaker: Mr. TV Ramchandran, Director - Vodafone
  • Company Presentation & case study: Mr. Charlie Kolady, CIAM (Createnet Institute of Applied Management)
  1. The 46th meet of AOE and the 30th meet of AOE (Regd.) - Absolutely wonderful meeting of like minded people, wonderful presentations by speakers, guests and lots of sharing & learning. 
  1. Our External Speaker Mr. TV Ramchandran gave a wonderful presentation on Telecom Scenario and the kind of opportunities that the telecom sector is creating and would create for entrepreneurs like us. Some of our members wanted his presentation to go beyond the scheduled time.

AOEan Veer, please thank Mr. Ramchandran on behalf of AOE. 

And many thanks to you Veer again, for getting such wonderful speakers !!

  1. Internal Presentation by Mrs. & Mr. Kolady - Charlie & Susan made an absolutely wonderful presentation on the amazing activites they do at Createnet Institute of Applied Management. Proud to have you with us, Charlie & Susan
  1. After meeting health presentation by Special Guest Mr. Vineet Aggarwal on “Helping to create awareness of a healthy lifestyle thru enhanced ORGAN FUNCTIONALITY”.I could not attend the same due to a wedding in the family, am told by fellow AOEans who attended that it was a great eye opening presentation.
  1. New Member Inductions: Arjun pandey. Welcome AOEan Arjun ?
  1. Available details of Guests & their contact details are :
  2. Mr. Vikas Rajput  - 98182 06162 / vikas@etech-services.com(invited by Neeraj)
  3. Mr. Vineet Aggarwal - (invited by Siddhant)

iii. Mr. Vivek Sawhney - sawhneyv@gmail.com (invited by Arjun)

  1. Ms. Susan Kolady - susan.kolady@ciam.in(invited by Charlie)
  2. Ms. Nupur Agarwal - nupur.agarwal@gmail.com(invited by Charlie)
  3. Ms. Akansha Jain - akansha.jain@askmebazaaar.com(invited by Arjun)

 On behalf of AOE, I would send thanks mail to them. 

  1. AOEans Naresh, Abhinav, Sebastian, Rajeev, Raaj, Baljit, Uday, Vikas, Rajeshwar, Anoop, Gen. Bagga, Sanjoy, Suhaan, we missed you and you missed a great meeting.
  1. The schedule for May 2016 will be as under:
  2. AOE meet - Saturday 21st May 2016
Thanks, have a great day and best regards
Shishir Chaturvedi
General Secretary, AOE
  • May 11, 2016
  • Association Entrepreneurs